The Philosophy
Mudrika Style: Datta's Puppet shows are temple-based & of Mudrika Style. Mudrika means "Mudra" or impression of God, Culture and Tradition. Mudra aims at preserving for the future generation, the philosophy of life, the philosophy of culture and tradition. Mudra symbolizes Union of God and the Soul. This Philosophy is stressed in Mudrika style puppet theatre.

Natya Shastra is an ancient script which deals with Indian Dance & Drama. "Abhinaya" (acting, expression & movement) is important here. Vaachikabhinaya (facial expression), Aangikabhinaya (body expression) together constitute Abhinaya. This aspect receives more importance in Mudrika style puppet theatre and leaves a lasting impression on the minds and the hearts of the audience about Indian culture. The costume design for the puppets is done keeping in view the essential features of Indian Culture. Hence Indian dance, music and literature are an integral part of Mudrika School. The songs are based on Karnatic Classical tunes.

Putthali: Putthali in Sanskrit means the Puppet used for the performance. Manipulation of an intricate web of strings, enables the movement of the puppet.

Sutradhara: The protagonist of the show introduces the story and the characters to the audience and also performs rituals before and after the show. Some times, he narrates the story. The concept of “Sutradhara” is a gift given by the Puppet Theatre to the Indian Theatre.

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