• Are the puppets for sale?
    Yes, on placing order, the puppets will be delivered with in two to three months depending on the character of the puppet required.

  • On what occasion do you perform the shows?
    The occasions vary from birthday parties to weddings to international conferences basically for all occasions.

  • What is the duration of the performance?
    The duration depends on the episodes. It generally varies from 30 mins to 90 mins, subjected to availability of time.

  • What are the languages that you perform in and how do you cater to foreign audience?
    The languages we perform are Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. We have occasions in Iranians, Portugal and Brazilians. We provide scene by scene synopsis which helps them understand our performance well.

  • Do you teach puppetry?
    Yes, we teach playing of puppets but not their making.

  • How can the student community benefit from puppetry?
    We have adopted lessons from secondary schools into our performance which has made very good impact amongst the students. We have also had performances pertaining to girl child education, adulteration of food and deforestation etc..

  • What are the episodes that you perform?
    We perform mythological based stories like Ramayana, Hanumadvilas, Lanka dahana, Krishna tulabara, Kumara sambhava, Girija kalyana and Krishna parijata.

  • How can I help traditional puppetry grow?
    Like all of us understand, puppetry is a fast vanishing art. To keep it alive and pass it on to the next generation, we need to use puppetry in publicity materials of different companies be it corporate or no corporate in the from of wall and table calendar, greeting cards, executive diary covers, Stage performance etc...

  • Do you accept sponsorship to represent India abroad?
    Yes, for all international puppet festivals we need sponsorship. Previously we had the Government of India, Government of Iran and Government of Israel as our sponsors. We now are looking forward for private entities participation ' in rejuvenating this classical art form through out the world.

  • How can an organization or sponsors benefit from you?
    It is major publicity for the sponsor on an international level. Also we give fund raising performances, from our experience we have never disappointed our sponsors.
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