The sages offering ghee to the Fire God. Vishnu summons Manmatha, The Cupid, 
to his court.
An example of imbibing lessons into puppetry,
this is a lesson from the secondary school
syllabus transformed into a Puppet Show.
The auspicious wedding ceremony of 
Lord Shiva and Parvathi in presence of 
Brahma and Vishnu.
The city of Lanka burns as Hanuman lights
it up using his tail.
A scene from Shri Krishna TullaBhara.
A scene from Shri Krishna Parijatha. Lord Shiva and Parvathi pampering their 
child Kumara in the cradle.
Hanuman in the court of Ravan,
The King of Lanka
Sugreev seeking his kingdom from Rama in 
presence of Hanuman and Lakshman.
Hanuman with Seetha in Ashokavan. Hanuman flies over the Indian Ocean to Lanka
in search of Mother Seetha
Mr. Datta receiving the CCRT National Award
from the then President of India K. R. Narayan.
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