Press Review

"The Kalaranga performance was an attempt at universalisation of character and the theme lead to the creation of aesthetic delight and pleasure. It was a unique show, not quite common these days."
- The Times of India, Mumbai
"With every manoeuvre by the puppet master the theme and the narration advanced on the single plane of mechanical expendiency."
-The Hindu, Chennai
"Fading puppets are given a dusting. The puppets were colourful and costumes had an old time look. The puppets depicted the story through the jerky movements of hands."
-Deccan Herald, Bangalore
The entire sequence was breath-takingly conceptualised and executed..... “Magical Performance.”
- The Pioneer, New Delhi
"The performance was so breathtaking, a real spectacular show ."
- Cultura, Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil
"Any one who watches Mr. Datta’s show, surely will visit India atleast once in their lifetime to explore Indian Culture."
- Iran Daily, Teheran City.

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